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February 26 2015

February 24 2015

February 19 2015

Adriaen van de Venne (1589-1662)
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February 16 2015

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February 15 2015

February 10 2015

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February 06 2015

(Reuters, Friday 6 February 2015 01.55 GMT) Oregon officials are warning early morning joggers and park visitors in the state capital, Salem, to watch out for an owl that steals hats after at least four people were attacked in a month.

No one was seriously hurt in any of the incidents but Brad Hilliard, 36, is one of the joggers who have lost headwear in a brush with the bird.

(the guardian)
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January 22 2015

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January 19 2015

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January 18 2015

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January 16 2015

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January 12 2015

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Romance in Nature by shalamaev

January 01 2015

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November 30 2014

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November 08 2014

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Owls Are Flying Cats


November 06 2014

Soon they will rule the night
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November 05 2014

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